Intelliflix - Unlimited DVD Movie and Game Rentals by mail

Intelliflix offers more options for online DVD Movie rental

I have subscribed to NetFlix and currently use BlockBuster Online, but at the end of my current month's subscription, I'm moving to Intelliflix for my online DVD and movie rentals. I like the fact that Intelliflix offers video games plus adult movies: Intelliflix is the one-stop rental service for everything. NetFlix only offers non-adult DVD movies (no games), and BlockBuster only offers game rentals in their stores (also no mature films).

Choose a Movie Rental Subscription and/or Pay-per-Rent

Another attractive feature of Intelliflix is that regardless of which rental plan you choose, you can at any time order additional movies or games to be sent to you on a pay-per-rental basis. Pay-per-rent is available even without a subscription. Starting at $3.95 you can have as many as four movies or 3 games out for up to five days at a time. If you keep a dvd or game longer, it's $1.50 per additional day.

Save 50% on Movie and Game Rentals with Intelliflix's SuperPass

When you purchase the pre-paid SuperPass annual membership, you'll save 50% over all other DVD movie rental services and get the same unlimited movie and game rentals all year long. It is by far the best deal going. You can convert a regular membership to SuperPass at anytime from the Intelliflix web site.

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Compare DVD Rental Services

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BLOCKBUSTER, NetFlix and Intelliflix features.

Intelliflix movie and game rentals by mail

Intelliflix Online Movie and Video Game Rental

Intelliflix DVD Movie and Game Rental Features

Same Great Features as BlockBuster Online and NetFlix

Intelliflix works much like BlockBuster and Netflix in that you pay no shipping charges, no late fees, and every dvd movie or game is delivered via first class mail with pre-paid envelope to return it in. The Intelliflix web site is incredibly easy to navigate with reviews and ratings for each title, a rental queue (your "queue" is your wish list) to order your future rentals, and 24hr access every day. You can cancel your membership at anytime, 24 hours a day.


The Intelliflix web site sports a clean, simple interface, and is easy-to-navigate. They offer "Star-Rating" so you can rate movies you've seen, and users leave their own reviews of movies on the site. Their queue wizard helps you easily select movies from over 60,000 tiles based on your favorite actors, actresses, directors, etc. showing you the best movies which meet your criteria.

Absolutely the Best Selection

Intelliflix is the undisputed leader in online movie and game selection, and offers as much as 3 times the selection as their competitors. They have more distribution points than any other DVD rental company, and also offer games and mature content. They have not only more titles, they carry more inventory in stock than anyone else! Intelliflix is the only dvd rental service which ships SIX days a week!!

Drag-and-drop Rental Queue

Intelliflix is the only movie rental service which offers a drag-and-drop queue for reordering your movies and games. You can also flip a hold-switch on movies in your queue to keep them from being sent until you're ready (imagine wanting to watch all the Rocky movies in order: flip the hold-switch on all but the next one in the sequence to ensure you don't receive Rocky IV before watching Rocky I).

More Subscription Plans to Choose From, Plus Pay-per-Rental

Intelliflix offers more options than any other movie or game rental competitor -- including NetFlix and Intelliflix customers tend to be more satisfied with the options and website experience.
Intelliflix is now offering a special to get 3 or 5 months of free rentals when you choose an annual subscription plan!
intelliflix online dvd rentals 3-5 months free