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BlockBuster Online™ Coupons

One of the features I mentioned in my comparison of BlockBuster and NetFlix DVD Rental is how BlockBuster is leveraging their network of retail video rental stores to sweeten their online movie rental service. BlockBuster Online gives you two free in-store movie or game rental coupons plus other various coupons such as the one below to purchase two previously viewed movies (i.e., "Used") for just $15.00. Samples of the coupons printed from my account are shown below. [Please note that these coupons are linked to my account and can't be used by anyone else.]

How it Works: When you join BlockBuster today ($9.99 first month), each month you can print coupons on your home printer, take them into any BlockBuster store and get free movie or game rentals. These are in addition to any DVDs you already have rented through BlockBuster Online. periodically you'll receive other special promotional coupons such as the chance to buy previously viewed movies for a special low price. [also see below: BLOCKBUSTER Coupons Frequently Asked Questions.]

2 Free BlockBuster Movie or Game Rentals Coupon

Buy 2 DVDs for $15.00

BlockBuster Coupons

BLOCKBUSTER Movie Coupons Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What if I lose my BLOCKBUSTER e-coupon -- can I print it again?

Yes. You can re-print your coupon from the "My Account" section or by following the link in your notification email. However, the coupon contains a unique code and may only be redeemed at a store once.

How many BLOCKBUSTER e-coupons can I print in one month?

The number of e-coupons you get each month is based on your membership plan. You will only have access to the current month's e-coupon(s). Each e-coupon may be reprinted as necessary, but it may only be redeemed once.

If I do not have a printer or if I can't print, how can I redeem my in-store e-coupons?

Many of our customers have experienced the occasional downtime to home printer access. For authentication purposes, the only way to access your e-coupons is through "My Account." Because can be accessed through any Internet service, they have reported the ability to print their e-coupons from work, a friend's house, the local library, or a neighborhood FedEx Kinkos and Office Depot.

How do I access my e-coupons?

Access the My Account section of BLOCKBUSTER Online. Your e-coupon information will appear at the top of the screen. Visit BLOCKBUSTER Online™ to see all account options.

Are e-coupons transferable?

E-coupons require a BLOCKBUSTER store membership for use. The redemption of e-coupons is intended for the BLOCKBUSTER Online member to which they were issued, and the member's name is printed on the front of the coupon. The BLOCKBUSTER Online member is the recipient of the e-coupon and is responsible for applicable taxes and charges associated with rentals. Specific terms and conditions are printed on the front of the coupon.

When will I receive my in-store e-coupons?

If you are a new member who has just signed up, you will usually receive your in-store free rental ecoupons within 48 hours.

If you are an existing member, you will usually receive your ecoupons around the time of your monthly billing date.

You will receive an email notification when you have new ecoupons available, but you can always check the status by going to the My Account section of the site. [a sample of the email you receive can be viewed above.]

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