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MondoMail v2.x: FileMaker Pro v4/5/6/7 Plugin for sending SMTP emails, attachments, html-formatted messages, and receiving incoming email from POP3 and IMAP servers Mac/Win $89.00
MondoMail: 3-license pack Mac/Win $190.00
MondoMail: SITE License Mac/Win $910.00
CCAuthorize: FileMaker Pro v4/5/6/7 Plugin for processing secure, real-time Credit Cards, eChecks and ACH debit transactions Mac/Win $350.00
CCAuthorize: 3-license pack Mac/Win $800.00
CCAuthorize: SITE license Mac/Win $5000.00
NetTools: FileMaker Pro v4/5/6/7 Plugin for exchanging data with FTP and Web servers, submitting online Web forms, WhoIS domain name lookups and IP address resolution Mac/Win $75.00
NetTools: 3-license pack Mac/Win $185.00
NetTools: SITE license Mac/Win $750.00
Acme Script Widgets v3.0.x: AppleScript Extensions (osaxen) for text transformation, including search/replace, changing text case, tokenizing text strings, sorting text and other functions Mac OS 8/9/X $29.00
Acme Script Widgets: SITE license Mac OS 8/9/X $300.00
Acme Script Widgets: World-Wide SITE license (covers deployment for all of a company's geographically-separated locations) Mac OS 8/9/X $600.00
MondoMail Pro for AppleScript: This is an older product available only for Mac OS 8/9; it is NOT a FileMaker plugin. It is a stand-alone scriptable application Mac OS 8/9 $49.00

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