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NetTools FileMaker Pro Plug-in

NetTools v3.0.8 Release Notes

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v3.0.8 2/30/2005

- [whois] Modified Whois function such that if an IP address is passed, and the default whois server is used ( it will instead query

v3.0.7 2/25/2005

- [FTP] Fixed a bug where large uploads/downloads would complete successfully, but a read timeout error would be returned.

v3.0.6 2/23/2005

- [FTP] Increased default connect timeout to 30 seconds. You can set this explicitly with FTPConnectWithTimeout.

v3.0.5 2/17/2005

- [HTTP] Fixed a bug in HTTP form POSTing which was causing all requests to return "null" and the log would show a null exception being thrown. This wouldn't happen if any custom request headers had been set, only when default headers were used. - [HTTP] Fixed bug where trying to get response data when an error had occurred loading the URL or posting the form, it returned "null" instead of simply an empty string.

v3.0.4 2/11/2005

- NetTools now properly encodes the web page text using whatever charset is given in Content-Type response header.

v3.0.3 9/28/2004

- loosened handling of cookies such that cookies returned withoout leading dot (".") will be modified to contain the dot at start of domain if it's a prefix of the original URL. e.g., returns cookie for domain "", would have a dot added to beginning of cookie domain to meet spec.

v3.0.2 9/16/2004

- Added https hostname verifier to allow connections where certificate is "*" and and the hostname in the request is "<>". [thanks to]

v3.0.1 7/8/2004

- Added jcFTPConnectWithTimeout(host|username|pw|timeout). This allows Filemaker to regain control after a specified number of seconds if the host is unreachable.

v3.0 2/2/04

- Merged NetToolsSSLEnabler project with NetTools making this version only usable under OS X and Windows with Java 2 installed. NetToolsSSLEnabler.jar used to be required for ssl connections but has now been merged into NetTools.jar - Added relaxed server security certificate checking to allow for self-signed certs.

v2.2.5 1/10/04

- HTTP file uploads weren't closing the uploaded file after reading it which was locking it in the OS.

v2.2.4 7/29/03

- Found a site returning "Set-cookie" (lowercased 'c' in cookie) so none of its cookies were being tracked. Added fix to check for these in the headers.

v2.2.3a 7/3/2003 wkw

- Added NETT-GetLocalHost function to get the local machine's IP address.

v2.2.2 6/20/2003 wkw

- Added NETT-GetURL. When called after a request is finished, it either returns the original URL, or if the request was redirected, the new URL. - Added support for Persistent State Mechanism (Cookies, to you and me). Cookie cache is not saved between launches of FMP. If user adds a custom header named "Cookie", NO cached cookies will be sent to the server (this isn't correct behavior, but approximates it for now). - HTTP file uploads now sends proper content-type values for jpg and gif files (if they contain the file suffix [.gif/.jpg/.jpeg]. - Added NETT-ClearCookies to expunge any cached cookies.

v2.2.1 1/21/2003 wkw

- Added "SetFormData" function to allow for setting the raw POST data in a form. It takes a single parameter: the POST date pre-encoded (if needed).

v2.2 6/6/2002 wkw

- Updated to support NetToolsSSLEnabler. Previous version was v2.1.6.

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