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MondoMail Transforms FileMaker into Your
Marketing and Communications Tool.

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MondoMail FileMaker Email Client What Can You Do With MondoMail?

Web-enabled FileMaker Pro Solutions
  • Send welcome emails when someone signs-up.
  • Send lost passwords to users.
  • Email copies of a site's Web pages.
  • Notify subscribers when your Web content changes.
  • "Recommend a page to a friend" forms.
Business Solutions
  • Send newsletters to customers and clients.
  • Email invoices to customers.
  • Notify work-group members when project items are updated.
  • Manage customer support issues via email.
  • Marketing mass-mailings (with each message personalized).

Download a 20 day MondoMail demo now! or read on...

MondoMail plugin for FileMaker Pro provides a complete set of features for sending and receiving email within FileMaker. You'll have complete control over all aspects of the outgoing email messages, with the ability to add custom headers, include attachments, add inline multimedia content, use HTML formatting to send Rich-Text emails.

MondoMail provides a single set of functions to access both POP3 and IMAP email accounts (incoming email). You'll be able to connect to your mail account, count waiting messages, download attachments to the local file system, retrieve envelope information (from, subject, date, recipients, etc.) and pull any of that information plus the email message's content into your FileMaker Pro records.

Just wanted to let you know I bought a license for MM2 and how happy I am with the product. I don't know what others use it for but if you remember I am using a web form to send an email to an account. Then MondoMail logs onto the mailserver, pulls the message. Then I have MondoMail add the message to FMP. FMP then pulls the information out and fills in the desired fields.

Get Your email in FileMaker ProNEW! We've just added support for connecting to POP3, IMAP and SMTP servers over SSL/TLS so your sensitive email data travels over a safe, encrypted stream. As far as we know, no other FileMaker plugin offers this feature.

AOL Users: We've recently learned that AOL has opened access to their users' email through SMTP and IMAP but have not been able to directly confirm it yet. Please visit AdamKB's "Unofficial AOL Email FAQ" for more information. We welcome feedback on using MondoMail with AOL's servers so we can pass that information along to other customers.
Feature Summary
System Requirements FileMaker Pro 7
*Not available on Mac OS 9 "I wish that for every need, a company like Acme was there to fill it. I can hardly believe that with one call, I found someone who listened to my needs, coordinated a solution with all the related parties, and delivered a flawless custom product the first time, on time. Service I didn't think existed anymore at any price, I found in you for a steal. You're a gentleman and a scholar, Mr. Walrath, and we appreciate your service."

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