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CCAuthorize real-time credit card processing plugin for filemaker pro

Secure, Real-time Credit Card Processing,
eCheck and ACH debits for FileMaker Pro

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Mercury Payment Systems Gateway Notes
for CCAuthorize

Mar 10, 2005
CCAuthorize v3.4.8

A new payment processing module was added to CCAuthorize for Mercury Payment Systems.

Supports MercuryPay's (DSIClientX PIS V04.00). The CCAuthorize gateway name for this processor is MercuryPay.

Supported transactions: AUTH_CAPTURE, AUTH_ONLY, CAPTURE_ONLY, CREDIT and Void (with support for Track 2 magswipe data).

Testing: Mercury Pay has a common test account merchants can use, but we're not allowed to publish the credentials here. Contact us if you need assistance testing your CCAuthorize setup. The CCAuthorize test-transaction most (TEST_REQUEST=TRUE) is ignored with this module, so you'll either have to put your Mercury Pay account into test mode, or obtain the login information for the common test account.

There's a note in the docs that sending a test credit card transaction to your live account "will cause the entire batch to be discarded!". Must use their test card number "4003000123456781" and if you want to test swiped transactions, try "5499990123456781=09081015432198712345" (though this was listed for testing a debit card transaction with a pin; ccauthorize does not presently support debit card transactions with MercuryPay, contact us if you need this).

- For processing Voids, credits, PreAuthCapture transactions, MercuryPay requires the original authorization code, "AcqRefData" and "RefNo" (those last two are terms in their API). CCAuthorize combines the response AcqRefData and RefNo into the CCAuthorize "Trans_ID" parameter in the following format:

e.g., ID:0017;ACQREF:KaNcCKd5e00

(terms in quotes are literals inserted by CCAuthorize.) When performing a follow-up transaction based on a previous transaction, pass that combined string unmodified to CCAuthorize as the value of TRANS_ID and CCAuthorize will smartly parse out the components.

- Note on Java Requirements: for OS X users (No support for Mac OS 9): you'll have to obtain from us a new JavaCompanion plugin which uses Java 1.4.1 or later since MercuryPay has a server certificate which chokes earlier versions of the Java JSSE libraries. Windows users should use a version of java later than 1.4.1.

- MercuryPay supports overriding some duplicate transactions. If you need to use this, send a transaction parameter of "DuplicateOverride=Override".

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