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MondoMail FileMaker Pro Plugin for Sending Email, POP3 and IMAP

NetTools FileMaker Pro Plugin Logo for http, ftp, whois, and Web forms

CCAuthorize Real-Time, Secure Credit Card Processing Plugin for FileMaker Pro

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JavaScript Plugin for FileMaker Pro

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and Discontinued Products can be found here. (coming soon...) If you are looking for MondoMail Pro for AppleScript, you can download it from the Downloads page.

Chat with Acme Technologies on AIM Screen Name TalkToAcme If you have questions or need help, you can try to contact Wayne in AOL IM, screen name: TalkToAcme.
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About The Software...

With the release (now so long ago) of FileMaker Pro 4.0, the door was opened for third party developers to expand FileMaker's capabilities with custom "pluggable" software modules. Shortly thereafter, Acme Technologies leveraged their accumulated knowledge in writing Internet utilities and introduced the first FileMaker plugin for sending email directly from FileMaker databases. We have since added additional networking and programming tools, all of which run seamlessly on Windows, Mac OS 8/9 and Mac OS X.

When it came time to make our plugins run on multiple platforms, we invented a framework for writing FileMaker plugins in pure Java (an innovative programming language from Sun Microsystem's) which reduces the time it takes to bring a new product to market, and simplifies the challenges of supporting multiple operating systems. All the plugin products we offer are built on our JavaCompanion ™ framework.

Apple Computer introduced AppleScript with System 7.5, and like HyperCard and so many other innovations that underdog of a computer company in Cupertino, California has produced, it was an amazing endeavor with huge potential. Writing extensions for the AppleScript language indirectly inspired the formation of Acme Technologies.

The popularity of the Acme Script Widgets Scripting Additions (aka "osaxen"') released in 1994 has endured all the way into the latest generation of Apple system software, OS X. OS X and it's Unix underpinnings has vastly expanded Macintosh users' options for automating complex computing tasks, but there is still nothing available on any platform that can do what AppleScript can.
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We enjoy a challenge. If you'd like to discuss an idea for a new product, a custom project we could assist with, or think you might shamelessly beg some free advice from us, we'd love to hear from you. Contact info is available elsewhere on the site.

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