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301 Old Route 28
Phoenicia, NY 12464
Tel. +1 (845) 669-6505
Fax. +1 (845) 688-[please call for number]


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Wayne Walrath
Wayne, in his natural habitat...
about Acme Technologies

Acme Technologies was founded in Norwalk, CT in 1995 by Wayne K. Walrath. We're a cottage business operated (more or less) out of a cottage in New York's Catskill mountains.

Our emphasis is and always has been on clean, intuitive software design, oriented towards areas of process automation, networking and collaboration. Our experience is in Web-based solutions (CGI, relational databases, Internet protocols, open-source software), Macintosh and Unix software design, Java, and various Macintosh-specific applications such as FileMaker Pro and AppleScript. We are currently fans of Java, PHP4, Apache and MySQL and (forever...) BBEdit.

A Brief Tour of our Accomplishments

Gato Bianco - Shag
Shag (Josh Agle)
In 1996 we developed the first multi-user operating system-like environment for the Web called Page Factory. PageFactory enabled OSU to give students their own Web sites easily created and updated through any Browser, plus a lot of other "blah blah" [sic] features... [See InfoWorld Article]

Our flagship product, Acme Script Widgets for AppleScript broke new ground back in 1993 and is still one of our best selling products. Apple Computer licensed it for distribution on multiple occasions over the years. (though Jon's Commands are still the cat's meow!)

We introduced the first AppleScriptable email client in 1995 with MondoMail. Years later it evolved into the very first plugin for FileMaker Pro enabling direct email communications from FileMaker databases.

We invented and perfected a technology for writing cross-platform FileMaker Pro plugins in pure Java code. Write once, run anywhere, in a fraction of the time required to develop plugins using the standard FileMaker API. [JavaCompanion]